As a Guest...

With a local and well-connected party Fixer by your side, experience authentic nightlife around the world, tailor-made to you.

Whether you’re after the best underground nightclubs in London or stunning rooftop bars in New York, you’ll find a Fixer who’s right for you and your budget.

Designed around you, a night out with one of our Fixers isn't like going on a package bar crawl or nightclub tour. You always party on your terms.

There’s more to a successful night out than knowing where to drink and party, so Fixers are there for the little things too. Whether it's queuing for your drinks, arranging a cheap taxi or taking you for a 3am feast before the after party, they've got it covered.

All of our Fixers go through a vetting process to ensure they meet our exacting standards before they’re accepted onto the platform, so you really can let your hair down.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Find a Fixer

Finding a Fixer who’s right for you is easy. Start by searching for the relevant city and date to see who's available. So that you’re quoted the right prices, be sure to select the number of people in your group too. You can then quickly reference Fixers’ ratings, prices and what types of nightlife they're into. If someone seems like a good fit, click through to their profile for the full picture.

A Fixer’s profile page gives you more information, such as what languages they speak, what music they like and what hours they’re typically available between. Fixers also write about themselves and what kinds of nightlife they're into.

2. Book them

If you're left with any questions or want to get to know a Fixer a little better before deciding whether to book, go ahead and send them a message. They'll be happy to answer any questions and you can message as many Fixers as you like.

Alternatively, if you know they're the one, go ahead and click the Request Booking button. You can still send a message along with your booking to let them know what you’re expecting from your night out. Your payment is held in reserve until the Fixer has decided whether to accept or decline your request. They have 24 hours to decide and you’ll only be charged if they accept.

To help Fixers decide, you'll need to upload a photo and some basic information, such as your age, gender and nationality. There is the option to provide more information on your profile and the more you provide, the more likely they are to accept.

3. Party smart


If your booking request is accepted you’ll need to make certain arrangements with your Fixer. It’s best to do this through our secure on-site messaging system.

The circumstances behind every booking are different so it’s down to you and your Fixer to plan accordingly. You can give them as much or as little guidance as you like on what you’re expecting from your night out. You may have very specific requirements or be happy to let your Fixer take full control, there’s no right or wrong.

It helps to make firm arrangements about when and where your Fixer shoud meet you, this can be whenever and wherever works for both parties. Your phone number will be made available to them if they accept your booking - they can use this to contact you on the night to help with a smooth meeting. Communication is key.

If any table reservations reservations are needed, your Fixer can let you know at this stage and make necessary arrangements on your behalf.


This is the fun part. Your Fixer will meet you at your arranged time and place and will likely have specific plans from then on. Even the best laid plans need to account for in-the-moment eventualities though, so you don’t have to stick to them. Just keep your Fixer in the loop with what you’re thinking and they should be able to adapt if need be.

Your Fixer will be available to you for up to six hours, you can let them know if you don’t want them for the whole time. Also, if you and your friends would rather be alone at any point, just ask your Fixer to make themselves scares for a while, they won’t take it to heart!

Sometimes Fixers can arrange otherwise but generally speaking, you’ll need to pay for drinks, entrance fees and other expenses. If you let your Fixer know a rough budget they can choose appropriate venues to help you stick to it.

Make sure you take an official form of photo identification (driving licenses, passports or National ID card) out with you. It’s also a good idea to have your phone with you so you and your Fixer can contact each other if need be.

Having pre-paid online, there's no need to worry about money changing hands when it comes to saying your goodbyes. Everyone prefers it that way.

Finally, remember that Zoola Fix is all about having fun so don’t be afraid to let loose, party hard and own the night!


Our community is built on trust and reputation so don't forget to write a review and help others in choosing the right Fixer for them. By reviewing your Fixer, you're also more likely to receive a review from them. Everyone's a winner!