Hayley, Dubai

£80 per night


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Basic info

  • Name: Hayley
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Female
  • Member since: 02/22/15
  • City: Dubai
  • Languages: English
  • Usual availability: Between 18:00 & 03:00
  • Music: Chill-out, Deep House, Disco, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House, Pop, R&B, Rock

A night out with me

When I first moved to Dubai 2 years ago I was shocked at just how amazing the nightlife here is and the variety of venues, From parting on a beach in shorts and flip flops to glamorous VIP tables in clubs, sipping cocktails 43 floors up with an incredible view of the palm and marina to sitting almost in the sea as the sun goes down at a bar on the end of a pier. Why wait until the evening? Many places in Dubai also host what they call "Brunch" typically this takes place on Friday 12noon-4pm where you can eat and drink as much as you like for a fixed price ( price varies depending on the venue). From Chilled bars by rooftop pools to underground deep house clubs. Themed bars, British bars, Irish bars, sports bar, DJs, Live music, acoustic. Chilled or crazy! Even hire a yacht for the day/night with your friends and party out in the sea! Dubai has a night, a bar, or a boat! A place to suit every ones taste! and I can take you there!

About me

I'm a nursery teacher in Dubai, Born and raised in Leeds, UK, lived in Dubai for two years now, I'm an arty person, I like to create things, I play drums, enjoy swimming, snorkelling, adventures, lazy days on the beach... and to party of course....


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