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Basic info

  • Name: Richard
  • Age: 33
  • Gender: Male
  • Member since: 01/26/14
  • City: London
  • Languages: English
  • Usual availability: Between 19:30 & 07:00
  • Music: Deep House, Future Garage, Hip Hop, Motown, R&B, Soul, Techno, UK Garage

A night out with me

When you're out with me, I take care of everything. I check coats in, queue for drinks, order taxis and anything else that gets in the way of you having fun. I know the best places to be at any stage of the night, from dinner or pre-drinks, right through to the after-after party, seven nights a week!

I have an extensive contact list of club owners, managers and promoters to help make nights run smoothly and can sometimes arrange free entry and drinks at certain clubs.

At the moment I'm really enjoying nights where the focus is on socialising but having run a series of underground club nights, I also love music focussed nights and know where to find the best DJ's, whatever genre you're into.

No two nights out with me are ever the same, just let me know what you like and I'll plan something bespoke for you and your crew. Who's ready for a dance-off?

About me

As the founder of Zoola Fix, when I'm not out partying with guests or friends, I spend my time improving the site.

Over the past few years I have hosted at some of London's most exclusive clubs, hired warehouses and mansions for wild parties and organised soirées for the likes of Cirque du Soleil. Before being involved in nightlife, I started other 'Zoola' ventures and travelled the world.

I've lived in London all my life and can't get enough of it. I'm extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the city and relish any opportunity to share the best of it with others. This never feels like work.

Drop me a message if you want to know more about me or my nights out.


#<AdminRe... Dickson
Aug 14 2016

Forget Google, forget your apps, just follow Rich for the night of your life! It made such a change not having to worry about where to go and how to get there like we usually do when away on vacation. All we had to think about was what we wanted to drink! Hit up some seriously cool and unique spots and that’s coming from a New Yorker who thought he’d seen it all

#<AdminRe... Jess
Jun 11 2016

We were visiting London from Bath for my friends burthday do and decided having a fixer was the way to do it. We were all so glad we had him to help as he showed us an absolutely amazing night - I think without him we could have easily ended up spending it in a weatherspoons! I'm sure we all got on his nerves but he certainly didn't show it and was great addition to the gang!

#<AdminRe... Mark
Mar 23 2016

Such a fun night and couldn't have done it without him. Will definitely book again when we're back in the summer. Thanks man

Sandip Sandip
Sep 14 2018


Moshe Moshe
Jul 02 2017

Richard is a great Fixer. He brought his brother and within n seconds you feel like you know them for years. together we had great night in londons Camden bars and clubs. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks guys 😊

Grace Grace
Jan 26 2016

London was our first stop of many in Europe so we wanted to start with a bang and our night with Richard (and his brother who joined) didn’t disappoint. We were quite specific about the types of places we wanted to experience but nothing seemed to be a problem for them - we drank and partied until sunrise...literally! They made London feel like home for the night so can’t wait to try this in some of the other cities we’ll be visiting on our trip. Hopefully party with you in NYC sometime :)

Guillermo Guillermo
Nov 22 2015

Richard is a great guy. He was able to put together a good list of places for us. Although the door people at some of the establishments were not very cooperative (not Richard's fault) he kept it under control and was able to adapt/adjust our night accordingly. All in all a great experience meeting Richard and the ZoolaFix concept. Thanks

Andreia Andreia
Aug 27 2015

Richard was great. He arranged a amazing night out for us and was able to take us to the places we wanted. He really knows the best places in London. Richard take care of everything and made our great night. He's an excellent company and I have only praise. I am very satisfied.
Thank you and until next.

Joanne Joanne
Aug 04 2015

If you want to party like a rock star, party with Richard. Amazing night! Thank you. x

Edward Edward
Jun 21 2015

To make my visit to Londen complete I wanted also to expierence the nightlife there. But no friend, familymember, or any vague acquaintance would or could join me and going alone in a city I do'nt know that well...
Then I remember reading about Zoola fix. I choose Richard and I never regret and forget It. Together with his brother Adam who came with him and later a charming girlfriend of them I had one of the best nights I a very long time. We went from bar to bar. I came at places I really liked , but never would have found allone or with friends out of my own town. I absolutely recomend Richard and / or Adam. We had so much fun.

Steven Steven
Feb 19 2015

We gave Richard the tough task of a Sunday night and he exceeded expectations. He knew exactly where to go and made us feel like we were in our home city. We hit a bunch of different spots and had a great night out. I strongly recommend him and Zoola Fix.

Tom Tom
Feb 16 2015

Richard organised a brilliant night for my 21st birthday and joined in with all the fun. We all had a fantastic time and it will definitely be a night to remember. Well done Richard! best wishes Tom, brother and friends

Jonathan Jonathan
Jan 01 2015

Richard arranged a great night out for our group of 7 on New Years Eve, and handled everything superbly! We all couldn't have been more pleased with everything. Richard is a great host and went out of his way to look after everything, and as a whole was a blast to be around. He really knows the London scene, so any future bookings can rest assured that they are in good hands for a night out on the town!!

Thanks again for everything Richard!

Katie Katie
Dec 16 2014

My friends and I had been out in London a couple of times before but had clearly been going wrong somewhere as they were nothing like our night out with Richard. He took us to some ultra chic bars and then some damn right outrageous clubs with crazy shows. We didn’t queue for anything all night! Can’t wait to try this in other cities but in London, Richard’s you’re man :)