Berkeley, Seattle

$300 per night


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Basic info

  • Name: Berkeley
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: Male
  • Member since: 01/22/15
  • City: Seattle
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Usual availability: Between 14:00 & 01:00
  • Music: Chill-out, Hip Hop, Latin, Lounge, Motown, Neo-Soul, R&B, Reggae, Soul, Trap

A night out with me

I think great nights consist of amazing food, mind-blowing craft cocktails, laughs, and dancing.

When I go dancing, I like to hop around to different clubs until I find the one with the best music and crowd.

Above everything, I think a great night is random. I love letting the night flow me to new places, experiences, and friends.

About me

I'm an entrepreneur, hip hop/r&b fan, data/math/software nerd, city boy, aspiring foodie, and slayer of craft cocktails. I've been everything from a skater boy to a freestyle battle emcee. I'm told I'm funny and have a positive, fun energy.

I'm a Nightlife Fixer because I'm addicted to meeting new people. They're like entire worlds you can peek into...

I've lived all over the USA (New York City, South Florida, Orlando, Houston). I absorbed something from each place and I like to think I bring a fresh vibe to Seattle.

I've been going out in Seattle for years, so I have great relationships with clubs, bars, restaurants, and members-only social clubs.


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