Boris, Amsterdam

€100 per night


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Basic info

  • Name: Boris
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Member since: 01/22/15
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Mandarin
  • Usual availability: Between 17:00 & 06:00
  • Music: Deep House, Drum & Bass, Electro House, Electronica, Hip Hop, House, Latin, R&B, Techno, Trance

A night out with me

A night with me is fun! I know good famous & local bars in town, besides that I know a lot of people and have worked at various clubs in town. I am also very active in the studentlife so if you like that, you can join one of these parties!

About me

I am an economics student and travel a lot!


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