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$75 per night


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Basic info

  • Name: Hristo
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Member since: 01/23/15
  • City: New York
  • Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, English, Russian
  • Usual availability: Between 20:00 & 08:00
  • Music: Acid House, Ambient, Deep House, Disco, House, Jazz, Opera, Soul, Tech House, Techno

A night out with me

My nights tend to start late, and take the shape of marathons, not sprints.

I like to begin with some good food, whether it be at a taco joint, at a friend's apartment, or at a serious restaurant. Some of the best food in town is surprisingly cheap, but I'll never turn down down the chance to sample the fares of our more established eateries.

Next up I'll be looking for a special creation at one of the many mixology-centric bars and speakeasies I love. If you like unique cocktails in singular environments, I have plenty to show you.

From there it's usually off to any good private/house parties that are going on, before moving to a club, likely in Brooklyn. Of course no night in the city is complete without a proper afterhours party, and seeing the first rays of sunlight come in through the skylight of a barren warehouse deep in the industrial parts of town. To round the night off perfectly I usually make sure to stop for a filling breakfast at a good diner.

About me

A native of Sofia, Bulgaria, I have been living and working full-time in New York for the past 4 years. In this time I have worked on several projects within the vibrant underground electronic music community in the city, and have been involved in nightlife in its many forms.

I have a passionate love affair with New York, and have never stopped exploring it and learning about its history, neighborhoods, and people. I am also a serious foodie and appreciate quality eating, both at hole-in-the-wall greasy spoons, and Michelin-Star restaurants. Most of all I love to share my passion for music, food, and NYC with open-minded people.


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